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tv   Headline News  RT  May 27, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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breaking news herring are to be leading the charge the e.u. lifts its arms embargo on syria and the u.k. and france spearheading the move economic sanctions on the left in place. this comes just as the top russian and u.s. diplomats meet in paris to discuss next month's peace summit and ending the syrian conflict bringing all sides to the negotiating table. and a hate crime story across the u.k. or in the brutal killing of a british soldier by muslim extremists in london. and a massive rally in the french capital against a recently passed gay marriage the turns violent of police brutality against
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protesters. and much more twenty four hours a day you're watching out for first to our breaking news this hour a foreign ministers have agreed to lift the syrian. while leaving economic sanctions in place britain and france have led the effort to open the door to lethal aid for some forces when it comes to russia's foreign minister and the u.s. secretary of state wrapped up their meeting in france on the upcoming syrian peace conference. in paris with the story. arms embargo is running out on friday and that is a matter of great concern both for russia and the united states because we have friends and the united kingdom already is saying that. the syrian opposition is
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something that they are looking at it and that is something that neither russia nor the united states believe is a good way to solve this situation as we know the arms could end up in the in the in the hands of the rebels who are closely linked to that we do know that the groups are actually operating in syria and are working. to be looked. at the arms embargo of course according to russia should be extended but again that is up to other countries as well as to the united nations to have a final say on the matter both russia and the united states for a lot. of the russian officials will work with the syrian government as the united states takes it takes upon themselves to work with the syrian opposition leader to bring both sides to the table close to the talks about be. willing you know bringing to be. recently voted to leave all parties involved.
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but. i think. overall of course. the united states i believe to the syrian people to decide on the interim government to sit down at the table and stop the bloodshed that has been going. zero four zero zero. zero for more on these latest about it when our joined live by paul nurture independent research and
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writer thanks for being with us here today how will the upcoming peace conference in geneva play out now do you think and in light of the decision. and i think they've been completely undermined but i think that the united states is well aware of what the e.u. is doing all these agitations against assad started in two thousand and three at least what's known to us openly and that there was a find an article written in the time magazine in december of two thousand and six which mentioned there had been secret meetings going on and they cited some secret documents in which it was stated that the opposition was being nurtured in europe with the american support so this much we know at the same time we know that john mccain senator mccain is always he went to syria to meet with the free syrian aggression army whatever they like to call them the opposition so america is involved in all of this and i think russia is probably finding homes itself without
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a partner and a reputable reliable partner to discuss syria with. indeed and the u.k. and france push for an end to the arms embargo didn't they but what should the governments be wary of weapons falling into the wrong hands. oh well it depends in fact a former israeli intelligence chief in february this months in this year i'm sorry did say the israeli policy for i'm going to we have syria exactly where we want it not in so many words but the fact that the syrian military is in templating and they're no longer a force to reckon with is a great it's to their advantage and and they're aware of al qaeda. and i would actually being in syria but they reckon that this is far easier for them to deal with than the might of the syrian army and i think there should be no doubt
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why the uprising in syria started many would like to push the narrative that it was to weaken iran and of course iran does does it we will lose an ally ally it's. built but it is all to serve israel's expansionist policy and especially the water resources it desperately wants to keep you mentioned senator john mccain earlier and his trips across the turkish border etc but is that a legitimate way i should say for someone in his standing to behave. and not to tell i think mccain is a very dangerous man and in fact in the united states constitution there's an article specifically that if one of the things that is considered treason is to promote or through to bring about war or. and what making is doing it he did the same thing for iraq he was part of the committee for the liberation of iraq and he made it was iraqi opposition and we saw the war there he was all for the libyan
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opposition that they should bear it recognized he recognizes the terrorists who are making and his he is the one there is an. opposition leader as somebody that we should be dealing with me meaning america making does not serve the interests of the american people or the world at large if anything i think he really should be locked up he is a danger to to everybody and doesn't his adventures i suppose in the way of speaking out on the ma in america's own diplomatic efforts to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict absolutely i don't believe america wants a peaceful resolution to the conflict america's started it and there's nothing to suggest that they have stopped or they've changed course on this i don't think that senator mccain would take it upon himself to go to syria and meet with the opposition have it had he not had a nod from the government otherwise he would be locked up the minute he returned
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because he is acting against america's interest if indeed that's america's interest i think this we're seeing to sightsee it was seeing the government administration the obama trying to play the nice guy but everything that's going on is what had led up to all the other wars in the region and nothing really has changed i don't think they want peace doesn't serve them. or independent research and roger thanks for being with us today here. well there we want to know your views on the upcoming syria peace conference mediated by russia as you said to r.t. dot com to take part in our live poll well so far most of you think the meeting won't bring any results because it won't even happen around the third think the summit will yield the peace plan which divided syrian opposition says it would stick to many of you believe that it will agree to step down western powers will
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stop funding and possibly arming the syrian opposition but if you haven't already just head to our website and have your say. hundreds of protesters have clashed with police during a far right nationalist demonstration in central london earlier two men were arrested as suspects in a mosque attack in the east of the country the wave of racial hatred in the u.k. response or the brutal killing of a soldier by islamist extremists the surge of islamophobia has many concerned there is an impending split in society as artie's police reports. the police investigation into the death of drama lee rigby is still ongoing but last week's killing of the off duty soldier by islamic extremists has already provoked an anti muslim backlash religious charity faith masses say they used to receive five calls a day reporting racial abuse that figure is now up to over one hundred calls a day reporting anti muslim incidents the abuse includes the pulling off of women's
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headscarves attacks against mosques anti muslim graffiti and general abuse social media has also provided a platform for some to vent their anti islamic sentiments a number of arrests of already been made the news has left many muslims here saying that they're afraid to leave their houses while community leaders say that they're concerned about the spread of the incidents with reports of anti muslim abuse coming from across the entire country at the same time a new poll says that two thirds of people living in the u.k. believe that there will be a clash of the civilizations between white britons and british muslims something that could be increasingly threatening to britain's image of multiculturalism and ethnic diversity boy kerry see london. believes the u.k. security services must take action against patron towards the muslim population.
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many people in this country run happy about i mean look for example what we've done to iraq an illegal war now we've had another bomb attack today we've made a mess in a wreck of these places the arab league's prediction that we were going to open the gates of hell in iraq has come true and actually britain and tony blair. george bush two are responsible for this so it's not just the muslim population the other thing is we've got other extremists here in britain that is to say you know sort of anti islamic extremists two weeks ago a man a pensioner coming home from his mosque in birmingham in the middle and of britain was murdered and this got almost no coverage whatsoever and we need to have make sure that the security services are taking exactly the same sort of measures against the anti muslim like the defense league these kinds of organizations as they are against the islamic organizations what they're trying to do is actually
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demonize muslims in a similar way to actually to the nazis demonized jews back in the one nine hundred thirty s. and it's ridiculous we've got to stop that we don't want that from him i five thank you very much on there and online our team is keeping an eye on the latest developments in the u.k. you can log on to our website r.t. dot com we have a full timeline of events since the attack on service me as well as system reaction from experts and officials. french police have clashed with anti gay demonstrators in the country's capital protesting against a recently passed law that same sex marriage around one hundred fifty thousand people took part in a valley according to the authorities that's a risk benefit was close to two million three marches in paris started off peacefully ended with the right activists in bottles and media than fifty people were detained by police. when eight of an anti gay marriage adoption means many
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were arrested for voicing their beliefs. you wouldn't be able to provide any picture noisy film of any broken glass any burning car any violence during the protests themselves at the same time many people have been arrested several hundred people have been arrested by the police just because they were wearing suits with this logo there systematically the government tends to divide by three the numbers of protesters in protest that are against its policies you know when a kid has lost his parents probably. dearest wish to be adopted by by a man and a woman and in this law there is a lie. to make people believe in the future that they can be born from two men or two women and this is extremely dangerous and by the
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way we look through all the right to medical procreation and get mothers which people in france are extremely worried about and extremely against. well many in paris took advantage of the protests to express their wider discontent with president francois hollande and his policies from laughlin from the institute of democracy incorporation as the french leaders attend set reform amount to an exercise in public relations none of the policies of last far longer can be described as left wing he campaigned you'll recall. against austerity saying that he was going to accept an austerity package and of course as soon as he was in power he implemented what and this is having very serious effects on french society so to substitute if you like for this failure to pursue any kind of left wing social or economic policy he's instead putting forward or putting it through
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this law on gay marriage which in the words of its own authors will bring about a change of civilisation it's a kind of substitute if you like for the economic policy that he refuses to to implement and that's for the police they are acting under government orders they have ministry of the interior in the police headquarters yesterday more or less directing operations so they are acting politically without coming up late on a program a step away from a trade war tensions between the e.u. and china and the dates as brussels threatens beijing tariffs on thirty seven products but all their market value is off the record. well. it's technology innovation all the developments from around russia we've got the future covered. you know sometimes you see
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a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then. you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything. i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture . download give up location. choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television. now with your mobile device you can watch on t.v. anytime anywhere.
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more world news for you now the shock waves from the syrian conflict to continue to spread across the region sparking fresh concern the war could cross into neighboring countries when the latest incident a mortar was a power launch from towards the israeli border. control of the country's capital beirut. the militant group's leader pledged his support for the syrian president bashar. he has been a leader hassan nasrallah has kelly stated that he and his below are involved in the war in syria he was addressing thousands of his supporters in the southern beirut suburb of dusk and in that speech a pledged all out support for the syrian president bashar assad saying that his shiite muslim group would stay in the syrian war to quote him to the end of the road and achieve victory together. there are two major threats facing the lebanese people and the entire region today the first imitates
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from israel and its avid intentions and plots the second thread stems from the changes taking place in syria which neighbors our cities villages and homes syria is seeing major activity by radical islamist movements this one is said that his war was with the extremists he called an attack fearless he said that tens of thousands of them from all over the world are currently fighting in syria and he warned that if syria force lebanon to move forward this in turn he said would lead to israel we occupying lebanon now eleven his media is reporting that a rocket has been fired towards israel from the lebanese town of measure you and this is off to two other rockets landed in the has been a stronghold in doubt here on sunday the lebanese army saying that those rockets were fired from inside lebanon towards the hizbollah stronghold the united nations has been concerned over his that has involvement for quite some time the arab sheik
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the arab chief the arab league chief has urged them to stop fighting in syria but that's fine addressed this saying why is the u.n. not calling on the extremists to stop fighting inside syria and again reiterating that they are fighting not only for syria but for maybe a non as well earlier they were also dozens of his vilified has reportedly killed during fighting in a key syrian town of qusayr your so what we do see is the tension on the ground heating up. well u.s. president barack obama attempted to rebrand the country's war on terror jury in his recent national security speech if you dress sister criticism of the countries but she presence in the world seemingly continues to grow well she's going to check out his will president obama in his major national security speech this may quoted james madison saying no nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare at the very same time the administration claims power to wage endless war across the globe there was
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a senate hearing this may revisiting the authorization for use of military force which congress enacted days after nine eleven attacks in two thousand and one at a hearing pentagon officials claimed that authorization gives the president power to wage endless war anywhere in the world including syria yemen and the congo and when asked how long they predict this war on terror is going to last they said quote from ten to twenty years of the you agree with me that when it comes to international terrorism we're talking about a worldwide struggle. absolutely sure that would you agree with me the battlefield is were the enemy chooses to make it. yes sir from boston the two. so by the administration's definition the wall that is the battlefield with me today is brian becker with the answer coalition brian pitz with production brian you have president obama saying in his national security speech that the u.s. is not engaged in a boundless war and yet you have this vast military presence across the globe does it look like the u.s.
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this really seeking to limit itself in the use of military force no in fact the policy in the institutional policy is for the united states then i would be prepared for endless war but to being engaged in all of the activities that would lead one to believe that they are an endless war there's one point three million u.s. military personnel three hundred to four hundred thousand of them are overseas there's nine hundred military bases the united states spends not five hundred twenty five billion which is the defense department budget but really about a trillion dollars on warfare that's greater than the next sixteen nations combined we see an integrated network of bases now drone bases growing increasingly this is to have a full spectrum domination using the military as the club the administration argues that all their military actions in the countries that the u.s. is not at war with are perfectly legal under the u.s. congress it's authorization for use of military force that's their legal justification for continuing all these attacks what about international law well
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international law has been shredded by the so-called global war on terrorism or the authorization bill that allows the u.s. to invade any country bomb any country and kill whoever it wants the u.n. charter is quite clear the united states like all other member nations of the united nations can only go to war as an act of imminent self-defense but in fact the united states by arrogating to itself the right to war anywhere against anyone all the time is clearly in violation of international law but president obama. says the administration does not violate anybody's sovereignty because it operates in consultation with the governments concerned the whole population of pakistan their parliament unanimously vehemently oppose drone strikes and yet they continue so maybe the administration is in consultation with the government there but certainly not the people i'm going to meet today it was brian becker with the answer coalition from our studio in washington thanks for watching. there are some other world news in brief at least sixty six people have been killed and many more
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wounded in a string of car bomb attacks and back explosions struck a mostly shia areas of iraqi capital and also a busy commercial district bombings almost a daily occurrence in iraq countries suffer an upsurge of violence since the u.s. withdrew its troops in eight twenty. three sixteen people have died and more than a dozen injured when a bus traveling in central mexico and proudly after a tire blew up two children are among the victims and witnesses the driver lost control of the rear wheel flew off the bus then breaching the road. vehicle was reportedly in paul working condition. armisen employees in germany has another short term wages benefits by the country's largest union workers originally came out on strike this sunday two weeks ago since then the company rejected any pay rise or used to drop its demands for its thousand
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members. now germany has told the european commission it won't get behind the plan to impose tariffs on some chinese imports as part of the terms to stumble for a trade war with the ages biggest economic engine the e.u. accused to beijing of dumping goods on the market below cost price so undermining its european rivals but china's premier warned further scrutiny would only backfire on consumers because all of that has been following the talks are between the two. last year alone germany exported around sixty seven billion euros worth of goods to china and they want to see that increase in the future. has in the past made no secret about her want to call the chinese markets last year she visited beijing twice within the space of seven months and she's wanting to make sure that the trade can be done between the two countries especially considering germany's
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traditional markets in europe do appear to be drying up the financial crisis meaning that those countries in europe that were previously buying german exports really can't afford to do that at the moment she also perhaps has an eye on the future in a potential british exit from the european union that could see over seventy billion euros worth of exports put into doubt if great britain wasn't part of the trade union or that is the e.u. for the chinese they want to do more business with germany germany is one of the few countries they just kept its head above water when it's come to this financial crisis they've also that means that they're one of the few countries economically that can afford to buy more and more chinese exports so that's why we're seeing the world's second largest economy in china courting europe's largest economy in germany to try and mutually to increase mutually beneficial trade between the two
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countries on thomas county go from the european council on the foreign relations believes a trade war would be a bad outcome for everyone. none of the countries and especially germany can risk to enter into full trade war about anything and so of course it is basically you know the toothless attempt to kind of china emerging emergence within europe as well but i think it's quite a delicate balance that germany has to strike right now because at the same time it has to ensure that of course china which has just recently proclaimed beluga john has just book claims how happy he is to be working for germany and is very much looking forward to it and this is of course great news for germans but at the same time germany cannot forget about its roots about its important role as a leader within europe ultimately business interests of germany will outweigh the european interests. well coming up after the break artie has the story of a group of teenage russian music since he became its national interests what's next
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to. a u.s. senate committee has passed a bill that if signed by obama will love the u.s. to put a lot of weapons into the hands of syrian rebels this seems rather odd because many of the factions that are revolting seem like bad people to be arming in fact one rebel faction al nasra which according to the guardian is an islamist organization with links to al qaeda is quickly becoming the most powerful rebel faction of all of them the b.b.c. even declared that al nasra has been designated as a terrorist organization by the us government itself as it started something like a bad idea to ship weapons into syria on american taxpayers' dollars yet let's just
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pretend that somehow all these weapons will magically not fall into the hands of al nasra well the free syrian army isn't much better they seem perfectly happy to use rape and beheadings and genocide against christian alawite minorities with great glee to get what they want arming radical groups always has blowback if you remember back to just the one nine hundred eighty s. the u.s. funded and armed the taliban and those mujahedeen fighter guys and look how that turned out the u.s. government seems way too eager to arm radical foreigners and disarm average americans when they should be doing the exact opposite but that's just my opinion.
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a clear image of iraq after a facia. twenty day taxi trip through the country. the roads full of dangerous. clear evidence from north to south. the roots of iraqi tragedy. after the war waiting for peace. taxi on r t. x x x. x .
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from here. crew reported to ground control that the aircraft had been hijacked. to london. the events that followed the plane's emergency landing close to the finish border became a nightmare for its passengers. people were lying here under this hatch. and many had severe injuries these. plane had been hijacked by a family of. the children played together in a jet and together they planned. on the. first killed their own mother. brother shot my mom before my eyes how could.


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